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Enamel Pin - Magpie

Kids Tee - Edmonton Crest

From $25.00 - $35.00
 Yes the new Edmonton Coat of Arms is here; we'll we just started printing a few sample runs right now...   We've been playing with the idea of how to change and update the old "settlers of catan" of Edmonton coat of arms... and well, we draw animals best! Animals are the true residents of Edmonton, never being able to go on holidays. We picked the magpie, hare, beaver, bison and sturgeon.     We starting with a Magpie the notorious clean up crew that make all the noise in the hood when things go down. Paring him up the the Hare which are the complete opposite, quietly living among our homes and never making a fuss. Perfect balance for the holders of the shield. Which I feel needed some real Edmonton symbols in it, so we added the city skyline and high level bridge.    This coat of arms is a bit of a blending of the alberta coat of arms taking all the best and creating one. Adding the sturgeon to the crest was exciting it was feeling empty without them. They are the living dinosaurs of fish that date back 300 million years ago. And we get to have them just swimming in our river, that we cross every other day! We hope you love our take on the Edmonton coat of arms;Thank youSalgadoFenwick

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