Baba Yaga Tote Bag

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 BABA YAGA is our NEW Fall Halloween design.

    Living in the deepest part of the darkest wood lives Baba Yaga. Her house is surrounded by fiery skulls that light up her house in the night. Her house has massive chicken legs which allows the house to run around freely in the yard.

     If you every reach Baba Yaga's house looking for help or assistance in life be strong hearted, for only the true and kind hearted will pass all of Baba Yaga’s hard tasks.

    Only in the end will she give you what you needed and more. Her gifts are worth all the danger and hard work. But remember you may parish in the process for she is not above killing and eating you if things don’t go as she has planned.

    Baba Yaga’s deep rooted powers are in nature for she keeps the sun and the moon in her closet! She is a deeply psychic crone for she has passed though all the old worlds as she flies though the dark night skies riding the wild winds in her mortar and pestle.

Take your Baba Yaga tote bag everywhere with you!

100% Organic Cotton6oz.

  • 13 x 15 x 4 - with Gusset
  • Carry Handles

 These totes make awesome gifts, great for books and shopping!

  • Made in the USA, Hand Printed in Edmonton, AB. 




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