Ladies Opossum Spooky Dino Halloween Tee

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    Our little North America marsupial has his Halloween outfit on and ready to rock another hallows eve in style, Dino monsters no problem!

   Halloween has been my favourite since I was small. Dressing up and getting to be a creature or a magical being for a whole day in public was something I loved!

    I picked an animal that I find to be magical in this day and age. A creature that is not at all troubled after eating venomous snakes, ticks and small pests! They would rather flee or play dead then start any kind of fight! How else did this magical animal make it though the late Cretaceous period. Being super cute maybe helped lol! 

Note: the Ladies small is very small and 100% cotton and has a higher neck. It is the shirt in the 2nd photo with the leaves. 

All ladies M, L, XL fit as described below. 

Fit: Classic crew neck style with slight scoop neck, fits a bit on the small side. Hem lands about mid hip for the average size bear (approx 5’7”)

Fabric: Tri-Blend - 50% Polyester / 25% Cotton / 25% Rayon

Polyester prevents shrinkage, is extremely durable. Cotton is breathable and soft to the touch. The addition of rayon adds a slight silky feel and heavier drape giving this tee a slimming look. The combination of all three fibres gives the Tri-blend  fabric a unique heathered appearance, each fibre picks up the dye in a slightly different giving the fabric depth and vintage appeal.




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