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Our new short film is ready!

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It's been about a year since our last film. Fall is a very inspirational time for us; it's our time to breathe and churn over the summer memories that have flown by. A few of our new designs made it into this one, including a moose, biking bear, skunks and our YEG crest ! 
Having our shop in Edmonton makes us so happy to contribute to a creative community and city vibe. Sometimes we forget we live in such a great city, where we support each other in building different experiences to share with each other. The more hidden places to go and visit in our day more lovely our city will become! We are so luck to be in an area of our city that has so many people supporting local growth.
So we made this film on a dreamy day, where she wanders though her thoughts to meet a feeling in music or a friend. The song is Calvin Love's motor bike. 

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